Multiple felonies are facing a 40-year-old male suspect in Kennewick, after allegations he handcuffed and assaulted a woman during a domestic dispute.

Around 8:11AM Sunday morning, Police received a call from people in the area of West 53rd. Place and South Olympia Street. Upon arrival they found a woman who had been badly battered, and was handcuffed.

The residents told Police the woman had obvious injuries to her face, and her hands were handcuffed behind her back. She had asked them for help, and assistance trying to get the cuffs off.

Police arrived, searched the home and arrested the suspect on multiple felony counts, including Unlawful Imprisonment Domestic Violence, a Class Felony. The other charges are pending due to the progress of the investigation. Inside the home another set of handcuffs were found and seized as evidence as well as other items.

Police did not say how the woman was able to escape the situation.

Due to the nature of the incident, names have not been released.

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