Gov. Inslee this week approved, along with the Health Department, the move from Phase One to Phase 1.5...or a modified Phase One,

Here's what changing in our counties, effective July 3, Friday:

  • Construction as permitted in Phase 2 guidance.
  • Manufacturing as permitted in Phase 2 guidance.
  • Restaurants for outdoor seating only at 50% of existing outdoor capacity.
  • In-store retail at 15% indoor capacity with indoor activities limited to 30 min.
  • Personal services at 25% indoor capacity.
  • Dog groomers at 25% indoor capacity.
  • No gatherings with people outside of the household except for small behavioral health support groups of 5 people.

Along with the change comes the statewide no mask no service mandate, Gov. Inslee said it may seem counter-intuitive to mask up and then open more businesses. However, according to state officials, data shows a LOT of B-F County residents have been leaving town (Idaho?) to obtain goods and services not available here. State Officials claim that's spreading COVID, but we're sure local authorities likely told Inslee unless something is done to open up at least a little our local economy was going to wither.

State officials claim the reason for the modifications was to keep more people close to home and less travel.

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