Hermiston police and other officials have released an update on a toddler who was shot by a 7-year-old sibling. It appears it was likely an accident.

Monday, police revealed that on November 10th (Friday) they responded to a report of a toddler who was injured in the head by a gunshot wound. Police say Good Shepard Hospital in Hermiston notified the police they were treating the child, who was brought to the Emergency Room.

Police now say to protect privacy and due to investigation, no other details will yet be released. Child Protective Services is working with the family and the case will be sent to the Umatilla County District Attorney to see if any charges appropriate in the case. They also say due to the obvious tragedy and difficulty of this case, information will be only released as necessary, especially for the sake of the family.

The investigation showed the 7-year-old apparently shot the toddler. Any further information will come from the Umatilla County District Attorney, according to KNDU-TV.

Hermiston police say anyone who wishes can get a free gun lock from the department to ensure safe storage of any firearms, they can call 541-567-5519. They also emphasize making sure all firearms are safely stored where children cannot get to them, and to educate children as to what and what NOT do with firearms in the home.

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