Authorities continue the investigation into why an inmate died from heroin use in the Benton county Jail, and especially how he got it.

November 11, Veterans Day, 42-year-old Edward Engle was rushed to TRIOS Southridge ER after he was found to have a dangerously low blood pressure. Inmates are given routine health checks especially if they are known to have possible health issues. It's also done as a precaution against inmates experiencing health issues that could escalate.

Engle reported told hospital workers, according to KEPR-TV, that he had used heroin and taken an unknown amount several days earlier. Hospital workers said he was suffering from blood clots, they were also unable to stabilize him, and he died Friday afternoon.

Officials plan an autopsy to determine actual cause of death. An investigation has been launched to determine how he obtained the drugs. Engle had been incarcerated since last September on a variety of felony charges.