It was a busy Monday morning for a new Pasco police officer, who's passion for Alabama in the NCAA College Football Playoff might have helped lead to apprehending a car thief.

Early Monday morning, Officer Tony Gorsz, one of the department's newest officers, was on patrol when he spotted a car with Alabama license plates, and it's high beams on near North Eighth Avenue and West Lewis Street.

Grosz planned to conduct a traffic stop to remind them to turn off the high beams and give them a "Roll Tide!" in connection with Monday night's championship game versus Georgia. He's a 'Bama fan.

However, his suspicions were raised when the driver gave him a Washington registration, despite the Alabama plates. The passenger provided a Washington license plate he said was found in the car.

After running the plate, police learned the car was in fact stolen from Spokane and apparently the suspects replaced the Washington plates with those from Alabama. Why the suspects had Alabama plates has not yet been determined.

Grosz and others found suspected methamphetamine in the car, and now 35-year-old Taeylor Ramshaw and the 32-year-old passenger, Christopher Baker, are in the Franklin County jail.

Pasco police noted the two will NOT be watching Georgia versus Alabama, as they are in jail facing multiple possible charges.

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