What began as a chase in Benton County ended near midnight Sunday night in Pasco, with an errant driver smashing their vehicle through the front window of a jewelry store.

The driver's name was not released, but Pasco Police say BCSO units were pursuing this Volvo SUV across the Cable Bridge into Pasco. The driver failed to negotiate the dogleg intersection at 10th and Sylvester, and plowed through the front and into a jewelry store, after "bouncing off a lightpole" according to Pasco PD.

Benton County is handling the eluding and arrest of the driver, Pasco PD is taking care of the SUV vs. building collision. Safe to say this driver is going to be facing a laundry list of charges.

A Volvo SUV in a police chase? That's rather unusual. Unfortunately a lot of damage to the store, no mention of any injuries sustained by the driver, or if any passengers on board.

And just for a little levity, the suspect vehicle reminded us of this classic movie scene from The Rock.


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