The district is currently looking for an instructor for a class (or classes) that would prepare students for future careers with the government.

We were first tipped off to this "unusual" course offering by the Tri-Cities TEA Party, who included it in their monthly newsletter.

On one hand,  wanting to serve and honor your country is great (Armed Forces etc)!  But on the other,  this seems rather 'creepy.'  

    The job posting says the goal of the class and instructor is to provide "skills and knowledge leading to entry-level employment or further education in Homeland Security programs. "   The instructor has to have at least 4 years Homeland Security experience.

Maybe the creepy feeling is because this class is basically a "how to become an airport screener for the TSA" proposition.    The TSA is part of Homeland Security.   Hundreds of TSA screeners and other security workers have been arrested over the last decade on crimes ranging from drugs, smuggling, bribery, sexual assault, and the list goes on and on.    We think this class is an effort by Homeland Security to improve the quality of potential applicants for such entry-level screening jobs.

Backround checks on numerous TSA workers who've been arrested look more like they came from the Mob than anywhere else.   No word on how far along the Vancouver, or Evergreen School District is with this project, but the posting closed April 18th.     At least 935 people looked at it.    Does that mean there's at least that many TSA airport screeners who want to jump into the classroom?

And if you think this class would make you a front-line warrior on the war on terror, guess again.  That kind of thing is left to the FBI, and CIA.   You don't ask to join them, THEY find YOU, and recruit you because you possess certain "skills" that most people just don't have.   Confused?  Just watch Criminal Minds.

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