The bill is headed to the Senate, where it has yet to clear committee. But House Democrats have passed HB 1054 (actually ESHB Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1054) which House GOP members say chips away at law enforcement.

Despite a total of 7 amendments proposed to this bill by Reps. Matt Boehnke, Benton County Deputy and fellow 8th District Rep. Brad Klippert, and Selah GOP Rep. Jeremy Dufaut, which were rejected, the bill has cleared the House.

Here's some of the items it would eliminate or restrict Police and law enforcement from engaging in or utilizing (from House Text via the WA state official legislative report): Italics added for emphasis.

• Requires the Criminal Justice Training Commission to convene a work group and develop a model policy for training and use of canine teams. (see reference to K-9 limits or ban below).

Establishes guidelines for when a law enforcement agency may authorize the use of tear gas.

• Prohibits law enforcement agencies from acquiring certain specified military equipment.

• Outlines limited parameters for when a peace officer may engage in a vehicular pursuit or fire upon a moving vehicle.

• Requires uniformed peace officers to clearly display the officer's name or other identifiable information.

There's also legislation in Olympia, one of a number of Democrat sponsored "police reform bills" that would eliminate the use of Police dogs to apprehend suspects or flush them out of hiding.

When combined with the Supreme Court striking down the drug possession statute as un-Constitutional, GOP legislators argue the assault is on against law enforcement.

The bill is expected to be debated if it makes it out of Senate Committee this weekend or next week.

 Speaking of K-9's, which are VERY popular here in the Mid-Columbia judging from the huge volume of comments and likes with our local law enforcement, here's a few who won't make the K-9 program.


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