A Coeur D' Alene high school student has taken a bold stand on the issue of school and gun violence.

KHQ-TV in Spokane reports Grace Hamilton has begun to urge her fellow students and others to look inside themselves and beyond just marching for answers to curbing school violence.

From the KHQ Facebook page, here's her story:

"Yesterday, while doing my work in class I was told multiple times that I "don't deserve to live" by another student. I have heard many people say this to another fellow student... how he should go kill himself, how he's annoying and weird and different. He's changing schools because of this ongoing torment. Teachers have even been in the room while all of this was said. I even brought it to Admin's attention and still, nothing is changing. We are told to speak out against wrong doing, and this is my speaking out. Walking out of class isn't going to help. Being put in the newspaper for your own self pleasure to show how amazing YOU are isn't going to help. How about befriending the kid who gets called weird? How about helping the girl crying in the bathroom instead of ignoring it? How about watching what you say and do for the reason not to feel good about yourself, but to make someone else feel good. I will be wearing this shirt on the 14th made by my wonderful friend Ellen Smith. If anyone wants one, just contact me. Speak up and out for the ones begging for help, not for laws that will take forever to change. A change can happen now."
 She has even taken the bold step of wearing a shirt expressing her views on the subject.
Idaho student takes bold stance (KHQ Facebook)
Idaho student takes bold stance (KHQ Facebook)

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