Gov. Inslee used his press conference Thursday to present what he said is new scientific information that supports his mask mandate.

He claims 45 other states have worse rates than we do because we're wearing masks.

He said new information from Dr. Joshua Shiffert Associate Professor at Fred Hutchinson Center and the University of Washington supports the theory of masks.

Inslee said wearing masks prevents people from being "super spreaders" like at the White House.  Inslee said "wearing a mask is not a sign of weakness,"  but a "sign of strength."   He said smugly "you don't look strong when you hurt other people."

He smugly said you look uncaring.  He said (around the 8:11 mark), a mask is not a sign of party of affiliation, and claims he is so glad "Washintonians" realize that.

All too often, after watching dozens of his press conferences this year and previously, Inslee comes across as smug and condescending when he is trying to make his points, and that was clear today.

Dr. Shiffert gave a lengthy presentation about this new scientific data that supports mask use. He said masks are likely to benefit people even if they do get infected.

Inslee also went on another of his editorials about Trump's stance on masks as well.

He did roll out some new school and non school sports will be allowed in WA.  The individual sports will be based upon metrics in counties. He mentioned soccer, cross country, lacrosse, but did not mention FOOTBALL.  This was around the 29:00 mark.

He also said there are new rules that will allow wedding receptions, movie theaters and some other venues opening up. Bars can now stay open til 11PM.

He said this is to recognize the progress we've made, making it sound like it's a reward system instead of true health or real data.

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