Gov. Inslee essentially threatened more areas of the state's economy with shutdowns if COVID cases don't drop, more specifically; if people don't adhere to his and the WSDOH mandates and basically cut themselves off from everyone else. He held a press conference Tuesday afternoon, where he paraded out some health care professionals who proceeded to talk up his points about how they are being overwhelmed by COVID etc.

Inslee's tone came across as bullish, belligerent, and disingenuous when he spoke of alleged health care systems becoming possibly overwhelmed as COVID cases continue to rise.

The problem here is, according to WSDOH data, cases are rising because people are not 'following' his edicts about canning holidays, canceling gatherings, traveling, and they're not isolating themselves. The cause for the rising rates apparently isn't due to increased testing either.   Despite data presented by the Washington Hospitality Association showing restaurants and bars are NOT "super spreaders," (the state's own data shows that) Inslee apparently believes he must punish citizens by breaking down the economy. It's almost retaliatory. Inslee threatened to extend shutdowns even further if cases don't drop.  Notice he dumps in our lap, the as I say or I will punish you further. All while half heartedly trying to encourage us that this will pass.  Not working.

And now the WSDOH is coming under fire for a new :30 ad you've probably seen on Facebook.  Unofficially dubbed the "Home Alone" commercial, it panders to fear by showing a man cheering at a sporting event, then showing him on a ventilator. A woman at a birthday party, then showing her on ventilator...and so forth.

The ad is already being blistered by the online community Safe Seattle, some legislators, and thousands of citizens online for it's insensitivity, and it's "fear mongering."

No idea what Inslee will do next, but it appears he is not above destroying the rest of our economy if we the citizens don't follow his every mandate, and that of the WSDOH.

The WSDOH ad, formally entitled Gatherings Consequences, is found below.

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