Despite poor marks and critiques for her work at NBC as a reporter, Chelsea Clinton is reportedly going to renew her contract with NBC--much to the anger of veteran reporters.

Clinton, who signed on as a "reporter" (despite having no significant credentials or journalism training) last December as a special correspondent, has done a number of what are being called "warm and fuzzy" pieces; but according to NBC insiders has done nothing with any significance that would earn her respect in the journalism community.   But, said one insider, she does have "the Clinton name."  That has angered veteran NBC workers who feel her pay and workload are unjustified.  Clinton did only 3 stories over a 90 day period, and they were, in journalism terms,  'warm and fuzzy softball features.'   The Washington Post blasted her work, her not even attempting to tackle controversial or difficult topics and her obvious lack of journalism experience.

  It's obvious, say critics, that NBC wants to keep her around, because of her name, they think she will bring younger viewers to help benefit the network's "Rock Center" show with Brian Williams.  The highly touted program (designed to counter the highly rated and well produced shows on Fox News) has not exactly set the tv journalism world on fire.  It is also a well known fact that the combined ratings of CNN, MSNBC,  and Headline News  are exceeded by Fox News;  and the Big 3 (ABC, CBS, NBC) do not fare well at all vs Fox.   Contrast Chelsea's performance and effort with that of former First Daugher Jenna Bush Hager, who's had a number of  well received stories get used on the TODAY Show.  Bush gets a B plus,  Clinton a D.