So, Halloween is done, Thanksgiving is up next. Is it too early for holiday light displays?

Usually, The weekend after Thanksgiving was when my dad would take out the boxes of old Christmas lights. He would fight with the ladder and string the lights along the eaves of our family house in Minnesota. Sometimes, there was already snow on the ground. While I don't miss the snow, I do miss the tradition of touring area Christmas lighting displays with my family.

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The more lights, the better! There's a website to check out all things Christmas in our area. It's TriCities Family Fun. On the site, you can link to a number of Christmas events including when and where to see Santa and the 2021 holiday lights map.

I remember one year especially. We all hopped into the family station wagon after the yearly Christmas Eve Church service. We drove ALL over. It was a more lengthy tour of lights than previous years. When we arrived home at our little light display, we knew it was going to be a long night to wait for Santa. I always had a hard time going to sleep on Christmas Eve.

But, when we opened the front door, it was magical! The Christmas tree was lit up! It seems that Santa had dropped by and delivered all our gifts.


That year I received my favorite Doll, Baby Tender Love. I also got my first vehicle, a battery-powered Chuckle Bug. Good times.

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