It was back on October 26th of 2018 around 2:25 in the morning when 18-year-old Hunter Black was murdered inside of his home in Kennewick. The initial investigation by officers led them to believe it was a targeted home invasion and robbery undertaken by multiple unknown suspects.

Kennewick PD detectives have continued to investigate this case ever since and significant developments have occurred over the last year. The investigation led to detectives obtaining probable cause for the arrest of 23-year-old Lawrence Isaiah Groce for 1st Degree Murder. At that time Groce was in custody at the King County Jail for an unrelated crime.

An additional arrest occurred shortly after Groce pleaded guilty to Murder in the 2nd Degree. 21-year-old Wardell Eniko Joseph Braxton was charged for the alleged crime of Murder in the 1st Degree. KPD detectives worked with the Benton County Prosecutor’s Office after it was learned Braxton was currently in the Benton County Jail for unrelated charges.

The third, and final suspect in this case has been identified as 23-year-old Kavonte Enoch Conley. Kavonte currently has a warrant for his arrest for the alleged crime of Murder in the 1st Degree. Kavonte has made phone contact with the Benton County Prosecutor’s Office and confirmed he is currently wanted, but has yet to turn himself in.

If you have information as to his whereabouts, call Kennewick police, or visit their tip website,

The felony murder rule in Washington State allows multiple participants in the commission of Robbery in the 1st or 2nd Degree to be charged with Murder in the 1st Degree when a homicide is committed against someone other than another participant.

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