(Pullman, WA) -- Jake Dickert is sticking around as Head Coach of the Washington State University Cougars football team. The school announcing they've signed Dickert to a contract extension that will keep him at the helm of the team through the 2027 season. Dickert has been coaching the squad since November of 2021, when he replaced Nick Rolovich, after Rolovich was fired for refusing the state Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

WSU Athletic Director Pat Chun was thrilled to keep Dickert on the staff. "We have watched Jake Dickert reset the foundation of WSU Football that prioritizes family, selflessness, toughness, leadership and the total development of the young men on our football team," said Chun. "Coach Dickert and the football staff strive to positively impact all those who come in contact with WSU Football. We are fortunate to have Coach Dickert leading Cougar football for many years to come."

With Dickert at the helm, the Cougars have made back-to-back bowl appearances. That continues a streak that reached seven-straight after the team's appearance in the 2022 Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl last month. Because of that, Dickert became the first coach in the Cougs program history to get the team to bowl games in each of his first two seasons.

"I would like to thank President Schulz, Chancellor Chilton and our Athletic Director Pat Chun for the incredible support and shared vision in the direction of our football program," said Dickert. "Our family is extremely proud to represent Washington State University, and Candice and I look forward to making Pullman our home for many years to come. We love pouring our heart and soul into WSU and look forward to Cougs everywhere continuing to help us build towards a championship here on the Palouse. Go Cougs!"

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