(Richland, WA) -- The Richland Police Department unveiled the first redesign of it's badge, uniform patch and cruiser markings since 1970. The redesign incorporates local landmarks, such as the mountains, atoms that are part of the work done at Hanford and a reference to "A Days Pay.' That's a B-17 bomber bought with salary deductions from Hanford workers during World War 2. The bomber went on more than 60 missions and came back safe.

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The new markings were the result of a committee made up both police and a civilian. The reason for the redesign was so the department could better reflect the community and the city they protect.

“The RPD is excited to honor some of the greatest heroes in Richland’s history by incorporating their story into our new brand identity,” states Police Chief Brigit Clary. “Our officers will wear these emblems with pride, as we look forward to displaying them for years to come.”

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