(Olympia, WA) -- Lawmakers on the state House side of the state capital have released their 2023-25 capital budget proposal Monday. The budget incorporates more than 8.3-billion dollars, almost half of which is from the sale of newly authorized general obligation bonds. The rest of the money comes from several other sources, and leaves around $160-million dollars in bond capacity for next year's supplemental budget

Rep. Mike Steele (R-Chelan) is the ranking Republican member of the House Capital Budget Committee. He calls it a bipartisan effort "Unique in the Legislature, this budget is one of the most bipartisan efforts in Olympia. I worked closely with the chair of the Capital Budget Committee on a solid spending plan that bolsters communities, encourages economic growth, and makes wise investments for the future of our state."

Among the Highlights, according to a press release from the State House Republicans:


$400 million for the Housing Trust Fund, including:
$25 million for homeownership opportunities for first-time, low-income homebuyers;
$25 million for housing for people with developmental disabilities; and
$90 million for permanent supportive housing.
$14.5 million for Youth Shelters & Housing.
$75 million for grants to local governments and PUDs to assist in the cost of utility connections for affordable housing projects.
Behavioral Health:

K-12 School Construction:

$588 million for the school construction assistance program, providing state funds for school buildings across the state.
$100.8 million for the Small District and Tribal Compact School Modernization program.
$41.3 million to continue the modernization of the West Sound Technical Skills Center.


$400 million from the Public Works Assistance Account for the Public Works Board to issue grants and loans to local governments for infrastructure projects.
$150 million for broadband infrastructure grants.
$25 million to the Community Economic Revitalization Board for infrastructure grants that directly support economic development.
Department of Commerce Community Grant Programs
$128.5 million for Local & Community Projects statewide.
$75.4 million for early learning facilities.
$38.9 million for health care infrastructure projects.
$26.6 million for the Building Communities Fund grant program.

House Bill 1147 is scheduled for a public hearing on Tuesday, March 28, and a vote by the House Capital Budget Committee on Thursday, March 29.

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