Here Are 5 Crazy Myths That Outsiders Believe About Washington State

When you think of Washington State, what do you picture? Rainy days and endless Starbucks coffee shops? Or perhaps the Twilight series and forests filled with werewolves and vampires?


Yes, It's an Area 51 sign but don't worry, I know it's not in Washington State but it's just an example of how myths can grow

We Love Our Seahawks But One County In Washington State Loves Another Team

These may be common beliefs about Washington State, but as a lifelong resident, I can say that there are many myths that people believe about it.

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I've worked in other states like Idaho, Montana, and California and you'd be surprised to discover that people who've never been to Washington State have their own ideas about us folks here in Washington State.

I'm here to debunk five myths about Washington State that you can pass along to all the people who don't live in Washington.

5 Fun Myths People Outside of WA Still Believe About Washington

From Big Foot to the Seahawks, there are still a few hilarious myths that people outside of Washington State believe about the state. 

It's always fun to uncover the truth behind stereotypes and myths, and Washington State is no exception.

While some of these five myths may hold a fraction of truth, there's much more to the state than meets the eye and it's always fun to hear people who've never been here to have their own idea of Washington State.

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