Can A Homeowner's Association Legally Take My Home In Washington State?

Homeowners in Washington State are expected to pay their monthly HOA fees to maintain the neighborhood or community’s amenities, such as community pools, parks, and roads if they belong to an HOA.


But did you know, if you fall behind on your HOA fees, your homeowners' association could take legal action against you?

Not all HOA's are the same in Washington State but there are some general rules that an HOA must follow.

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Is it possible for an HOA to take my home in Washington State? 

It's essential to understand that HOAs in Washington State have the power to place a lien on your property if you aren't paying your monthly fees or assessments.


You could pay all of your mortgage payments and taxes and still be foreclosed on if you skip your HOA payments.

An HOA lien gives them the right to collect all unpaid fees, late charges, interest, or legal fees and foreclose on your property. However, an HOA cannot take your home from you without due process or without legal judgment.

Washington State requires HOAs to follow a specific process if they wish to take legal action against a member's property.

According to I-Property Management:

An HOA may not foreclose on the lien unless the homeowner owes at least 3 months of assessments or $200 of assessments (whichever is greater). This does not include fines, late charges, interest, attorneys’ fees, or costs incurred by the association in connection with the collection

Yes, an HOA can legally foreclose on your house in Washington State, but only if you refuse to pay your monthly payments, assessments, or any other penalties you may incur.

An HOA doesn't have the power to evict you unless they own the property.


Ultimately, it is essential to understand your homeowner's association laws in Washington to avoid any financial risks or penalties.

Always make sure you're working closely with your HOA board, and if you're struggling to maintain up with your payments, reach out to someone who can help you find a solution.

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