Good To Go! WA DOT Scam - What You Need To Know To Stay Safe In WA State

No one likes getting scammed and it seems like scammers are getting better and better all the time.

A new scam posted by the Washington Department of Transportation has many concerned as it looks legit. Normally, scams can seem obvious with misspellings, but this new Good To Go! payment scam looks legit.

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Here is how the scam works. You'll receive a text that looks like it's from Good To Go, which will scare you into thinking you have an unpaid toll. You'll click on their link and pay the bill not realizing you've been scammed.

credit: WA DOT
credit: WA DOT
Here's what the WA DOT says you should be looking for:
If you are ever questioning if a message is real, don’t click on any links! Instead, log into your Good To Go! account to verify.
If the message is truly from Good To Go! you will see the same alert on your account dashboard. If you don’t have an account (and haven’t given us your contact information in a customer service case), we would not have a phone number to contact you.
The scammers also try to make their fake websites look real by copying our official website. Please know we will never ask for your birth date or driver’s license number to pay a toll bill.

So just be aware another scam is going around and always go to the originating website instead of a link to be safe.

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