Thank goodness for cameras. I wouldn't believe it, if I didn't see it.

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WSDOT has cameras set up along the Interstate 90 corridor, or Snoqualmie Pass. There are several wildlife crossing structures that have captured images of various wildlife animals. The Snoqualmie East project stretches 15 miles between Easton and Hyak.

Have you ever traveled under the I-90 Wildlife Bridge?

North America's largest wildlife overcrossing bridge is located between mile posts 61 and 62, about 9-miles east of Snoqualmie Pass. Chances are, as you drive under, that elk, deer, and coyotes may be crossing above. Watch more from WSDOT below. It's amazing!

According to WSDOT, they've seen it all. Elk, deer, bobcats, otters, and more are using the wildlife crossings. Conservation Northwest is working to improve the ability of wildlife to cross Interstate 90 safely. You can watch more about the wildlife crossings in WA from Conservation Northwest.

Other than watching on video, where have you seen the most amazing wildlife?

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