The question is: Can you legally pass a snow plow in Washington?

It's highly recommended that that you don't. Snow plow operators have very limited visibility of other vehicles.

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If you find yourself behind a snow plow, the ask is that you allow plenty of extra room between them and you. NEVER pass a plow during inclement weather. Slow down, and be extra cautious if you're near a chain up area.

There are NO laws that prohibit passing a snow plow in Washington.

However, please remember that snow plows are equipped with wing plow blades that can extend anywhere between 2 and 10 feet beyond the width of the truck.

While there aren't any laws prohibiting passing a snow plow, it can be very dangerous.

What is Snow Plow Etiquette?

You are always better off following a snow plow. Let them clear the way for you.

How Far Should You Stay Behind a Snow Plow?

Snow plows travel at about 35 mph. You're advised to keep a safe distance behind. Snow plows may need to stop or swerve abruptly to avoid obstacles in the roadway.

How to Keep Your Parked Vehicle Away From a Snow Plow

If your car is parked on a city street, clear away all the snow from your car, and the tail pipe before starting it. Stay clear and drive away.


Stay safe this winter. Snow plows are on the roads & they are there for our safety. Steer clear of them, respect them. Let them do the job of clearing the way for our safety.

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