What Does The X Mean On A Washington State Drivers License?

If you’ve recently seen a newer Washington State driver's license, you might have noticed an “X” marker. What does that mean and why is it important you may ask?


Can I Change My Drivers License To X In Washington State?

Washington State is one of the few states in the US that recognizes non-binary gender identity in official government documents such as driver's licenses.

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An “X” marker is used to indicate that the license holder does not identify as male or female. It is a significant change in the progress toward equality and recognition of gender and you'll see the X in the place of the M or F designation on a driver's license.

I was one of those folks that was unaware that this but in Washington State as of November 2019, X can be put on your driver's license in the sex category place.

To request an “X” marker on your Washington State driver's license, you will need to fill out the gender change request form and bring the necessary supporting documents.


According to the ACLU:

To change the name on a Washington driver’s license or identification card, a person must update their name with the SSA and schedule an in-person appointment to visit the driver’s license office. The person must also pay a fee and proof of identity. For a list of accepted proof of identity, visit the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) website

Having an “X” marker on your driver's license can be beneficial in various situations such as traveling, ID checks, and job applications. It provides a sense of security and recognition of the need for gender identity inclusivity.

So if you were curious about what the "X" means on a Washington State driver's license, now you know. You can get more details on the DOL website here.


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