So, can you or can't you drive 10 mph UNDER the speed limit in Washington State?


Driving 10 MPH- Under the Speed Limit in Washington: Illegal or Not?

I think just about everyone who has been driving for a while, has encountered a very slow vehicle traveling way under the speed limit. Sure, it drives you crazy but is it illegal in Washington State to drive that slow? There are many reasons a driver of a vehicle would be driving 10 miles per hour below the speed limit, and most of them are not good. They might be uncomfortable because of their age or experience level and in those cases, they probably shouldn't be on the road. The driver could also likely be distracted by their phone, car entertainment, or people inside.


Studies Show Driving Slower is More Dangerous Than Speeding

Believe it or not, many national and state studies show that "driving slower than the average speed is more likely to cause an accident than speeding. Driving too slowly can make other drivers around you constantly brake and speed up, which can be frustrating, cause confusion, and lead to an accident" according to Drivers on the roadways expect other vehicles to be traveling at the same speed. Encountering someone driving less than 10 miles per hour under the speed limit can cause erratic breaking and sometimes severe accidents.

In Washington State, RCW 46.61.100 explains that driving 10-15 miles per hour under the speed limit for 3 to 4 miles on a highway is illegal. The most likely fines would be for Improper lane usage or travel (RCW 46.61.140) $48 or possibly Speed Limits (WAC 352-20-030) $48. I am not a police officer or a lawyer, but RCW only specifies a "Monetary penalty schedule" and those two are the most likely on the monetary penalty list for Washington State.

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