You see a lot of American cities get referenced in movies and music. Sleepless in Seattle is a movie that comes to mind and Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" is a classic. I get it, there's something romantic about big cities and they can inspire all sorts of artistic output.

I was curious to see if Tri-Cities showed up in any consequential lyrics and was pleasantly surprised to find several quality songs. Check them out!

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If I had to guess, considering Lynyrd Skynyrd being very proudly from the south, that in a song called "Mississippi Kid" the Tri-Cities in question is probably Tri-Cities, Tennesee. Still cool, nonetheless.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Mississippi Kid"

Well I'm going to fetch my woman, people
Tri-Cities here I come
Oh well I'm going to fetch my woman, people
Tri-Cities here I come

This next song seems to be entirely about eastern Washington, with Yakima also getting a mention at the beginning of the song. From their 2001 record Pure Rock Fury, this one is a good groovy alt-rock banger from a bygone era from the turn of the millennium. Instant nostalgia. For the record, Clutch is from Maryland.

Clutch - "Sink Em Low"

Run son, get on in
We must get to Kennewick
Sodom and Gomorrah

Followed up by;

The ash turned to confetti, Alleluia!
In the great Tri-Cities, Alleluia!
Oh God gave his great mercy, Alleluia!
Vine, Viche, Veti, Alleluia!

This next band is a hardcore punk outfit from San Francisco, California. In an already loud and rowdy song, Kennewick is the word shouted the loudest on the whole track. They seem to be a newer band, but they're signed to a legendary punk record label, Fat Wreck.

Western Addiction - "Laurette"

Get loose among the prey
Sun-drenched, slaked and grazed
Kennewick, drift and drift
Laurette let them in
Tender mercenaries

I don't know much about this next artist, but I did like this song. David Prince sings an emotional diddy, describing a depressed haze while eating at a popular Tri-Cities restaurant.

David Prince - At the Three-Eyed Fish

It's just a little joint inside the Pasco airport
Don't ask me if the food there's good or bad

While we aren't New York or southside Chicago, Tri-Cities has been namedropped a surprising amount in music. Are these songs good enough for your playlist?

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