Joel Watson, owner of Just Joel's in Kennewick is well known for his humor, his delightful food creations and especially his scrumptious pies. But Joel is probably best known for his ongoing participation with helping our community. He has done everything from helping Grace Kitchen, to raising over $10K for remote learning for children during the pandemic, he has donated toys and books for homeless teens living in a shelter, motivating and mentoring folks with Incarceration to Inspiration (created by Richard Linderman) and the list truly just goes on and on!

Well now Joel needs our help! But as usual, it is not for himself! It is for two of his dear friends who are also affiliated with Incarceration to Inspiration. Tommy and Chavon Avis were recently in a very bad motorcycle accident and Joel has created a fundraiser to help! Tommy and Chavon also do so much for our community and now it's time for our community to give back. To check out Joel's fundraiser and to donate you can click HERE! Thank you for your consideration and thank you to Joel, Tommy and Chavon for all you do, all the time!

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