Police have apprehended the suspect who allegedly broke into a home Monday night, then led officers on a brief but wild chase.

Kennewick police reported Wednesday 46-year-old Cashius Clay Ray is facing charges of burglary and eluding a police officer.

Ray is accused of breaking into an unoccupied home at 3119 West 4th.  The home was vacant and undergoing a renovation.

Ray allegedly cut the lock off a storage shed and stole a variety of tools, and broke a window to enter the home.  A laptop was also taken.  Neighbors called police after hearing glass breaking, and seeing Ray's truck parked in the driveway.  When officers arrived, Ray drove away.  After refusing to pull over, he then led police on a reckless chase near 7th and Highway 395.  The chase was called off because police feared Ray would hit another motorist.

Police located the black Dodge 4x4 truck seen driving away from the scene, and arrested Ray at his home at 8625 West Yellowstone.   Besides tools that fell out of the truck during the chase, the rest of the stolen property was recovered.