Look familiar? Like in your nightmares, maybe?

Kennewick PD are looking for these two creepers.

KPD 11-28-19

It took a lot of internet scouring, but I believe an old school Star Trek episode called "The Corbomite Maneuver" is where you'll find the above dude's doppelganger.

Star Trek - The Corbomite Maneuver - YouTube

They are alleged to have used a stolen debit card to make fraudulent purchases. If you have any information regarding these clowns, get a hold of KPD.

Here's the post:

**19-46338 Fraud**

KPD is asking for the community's help in identifying the males in the photos. The two males are alleged to have used a stolen debit card to complete fraudulent transactions on the victim's account and are wanted for questioning. If you recognize either of the males in the photos please contact SECOMM at 509-628-0333 and reference the listed case number.

It's 2019, and this is the best photo surveillance you got? Actually, it adds to the overall creep factor.

Comments have been varied, spot on and voluminous.

Nosferatu, Creatures From the Black Lagoon, Walking Dead, Sloth from The Goonies, Mr. Igor from Young Frankenstein and various vampires have all been cited, so far, by Tri-Cities Internet Keyboard Warriors.