A Kennewick man is facing very strong charges of kidnapping after allegedly holding a woman against her will and threatening to kill her if she went for help. That man, 42 year old Dannie C. Brashear, has now pleaded innocent to second degree kidnapping and felony harassment.

The incident started when the victim and Brashear started arguing because he struck or hit a dog. The victim tried to walk away and Brashear hit her in the face and then held her down. The victim threatened to call the police and Brashear said he would "kill her as soon as he got out of jail". The woman finally left the situation and a few days later Brashear jumped in her car window and threatened her again. That is when she reached out to police.

The woman had a recording of the threat to kill her and she says Brashear knew he was being recorded. His trial is set to start September 25th.

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