A Kennewick man was robbed by 3 men in his own garage by gunpoint and threatened to be shot if he called police.

The victim spotted the three men in his garage around 7:55 in the morning off the 1100 block of South Johnson Road in Kennewick.

They robbed him, threatened to shoot him if he called police and then drove away.

The victim recognized one of the men and thinks he was targeted, according to reports. He called police and gave a description of the other two men and the car they drove away in.

Police found the car down the street at  the Kennewick Suites and arrested two of the suspects from the robbery.

The first was 21 year old Adam Reynolds of Kennewick. He was the man the victim recognized. The second suspect arrested was 31 year old Jim Henning of Burbank.

Both men were arrested on charges of first-degree robbery and booked into the Benton County jail.

A third person, 44 year old Tracy Hains, was also arrested on a previous warrant.

A third suspect is still believed to be at large that police are trying to identify as well as recover the stolen property from the victim.

If you have any information about this case, contact the Kennewick police at 628-0333 or Crime Stoppers at 586-TIPS.

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