Kennewick Police have released photos from video surveillance cameras of two males they'd like to have a conversation with about a break in at the Super Mini Mart. A front window was shattered late Thursday or early Friday morning at the convenience store at 2400 W. Kennewick Ave.

Kennewick Police Department 5-27-17-1
Kennewick Police Department 5-27-17-2

Photos are courtesy of the Kennewick Police Department as is this original shot of the damage done to the front window.

Kennewick Police Department 5-27-17-3

At least one suspect, probably more climbed through the broken glass and took beer, cigarettes and other items according to Kennewick Police report 17-18549

In the original report here, alcohol was also disclosed to have been taken. If you have any information, please call 50-628-0333.


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