A diehard KISS fan is doing everything possible to bring Gene Simmon's Money Bag Soda to our local Yoke's stores.

Dave Slackman has worked at Yoke's In Richland for over 15 years and he's a HUGE KISS fan. He wants to bring Gene Simmon's Money Bag Sodas to Yoke's and it looks like his dream is about to come true.

Slackman inquired about the soda through Gene Simmon's Money Bag Soda on Facebook and didn't expect a response but a rep for the soda reached out and the ball started rolling.

All the efforts paid off as Dave enjoyed a dinner with the main man himself Gene Simmons in Spokane awhile back and now the Money Bag Soda will roll out in over 20 Yoke's stores starting April 6th.

You can check out more details on story here and all we can say to you Dan is Rock On!

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