Richland lottery ticket thieves

Richland Police are seeking to ID these suspects.

They're wanted in connection with a series of lottery ticket thefts from various Richland mini mart stores over the last few weeks.

Richland Police did not say when and where the thefts occurred, but apparently multiple.  Oftentimes, when there are multiple suspects, one will distract the clerk while the others swipe the goods.

It seems rather unusual, because most lottery tickets are in those plastic clear cases, and customers generally don't have easy access to them. But in this case, apparently they've been able to make off with them.

Richland Police also included a surveillance image of the getaway vehicle used in at least one of the incidents. The investigation continues. Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333 and all leads can be confidential.

The fact they're masked up, at least all but one of them doesn't help the situation. It's likely the serial numbers on the tickets are also being tracked to see if they are redeemed elsewhere.

According to a source, a citizen, the suspects might be guests at the Motel 6, the person said they came into the convenience store where they work at almost every night after midnight, but that has not been commented on by police.

Police did not reveal the total dollar value ot the thefted tickets. They also did not say if any threats were made towards store workers, but doesn't appear likely.

 Maybe they need to learn to economize their these folks.

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