The man who originally filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has withdrawn it, BUT says he's only waiting until Murray is 'out of power.' Then he will refile.

Murray is accused of sexually abusing Delvonn Heckard several decades ago, and May 9th announced he was withdrawing from the Mayoral race in November.

According to the Seattle Times, Murray has not admitted anything and denies the allegations, but did withdraw from the race due to the growing controversy.

Three other men have said they experienced similar abuse from Murray, and one has signed a court declaration saying he supports Heckard and the suit has merit. Murray has reportedly lashed out at news media, and even told one reporter to "do your homework."

He cannot re-enter the Mayoral race but could try to make it as a write-in candidate. However, many of his supporters have already moved on to other candidates, especially after this controversy broke.


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