A jury in Bridgeport Connecticut has awarded 10 million to a man who suffered injuries falling from a SegWay--while blindfolded.

The accident occured during a 2009  demonstration of the two wheeled transportation machine at South Connecticut State University.  John Ezzo, a student, was participating in a demonstration of the SegWay, riding it through an obstacle course while blindfolded and without a safety helmet.  He fell, suffering according to his attorney, brain injuries.  He had to drop out of school and now works as a handyman.  Now,  two key elements...blindfolded and no helmet.   A lot of information was missing from the press release, but one asks, WHY no helmet, WHY a blindfold?  hmmm....The jury found that SegWay and two employees were at fault.    So, let's all go get on a Schwinn bike, ride through Columbia Center Boulevard with our eyes covered and no helmet.  Then if we get in a wreck, we can sue the bike maker.

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