If this guy isn't about the creepiest looking dude you've ever seen!  He thinks he is the Messiah.

James Duane Roberson, who was wanted in Umatilla County on an outstanding warrant, was arrested earlier this week near Rooster Rock State Park east of Portland, after he attempted to steal an Oregon State Patrol trooper's car.  Roberson began walking menacingly towards the officer's car, then began running to it.  He then attempted to force his way inside, telling the officer he was "the Messiah," and he was going to take his cruiser.

  Roberson was quickly subdued by the officer, and is now in the Multnomah County jail awaiting charges.  No word on when he will be extradited to face his charge in Umatilla County--the charge? Assault on a public safety officer.  The OSP probably knew right away he was NOT the Messiah--Jesus walked on water...what would he need with a patrol car anyway?