It's amazing, they're NOT having marital problems...and they're still married! (Image courtesy of Facebook page).

You might expect this if they were having issues, but they were not.  But they did agree they were not happy with their current New York state home. reports the Middletown, New York couple will have to find another place to live after 48-year-old James Rhein rented a bulldozer and brought down their 840-square-foot home this last Monday.

His wife Diane was out shopping, and when she came home, James was already loading chunks of the home into various dumpsters!  The amazing part? They are still together. According to sources, she is still in shock that her husband was serious about their house "needing to come down" because it was in dire need of repair.

Mr. Rhein was arrested because he didn't take out a demolition permit, and didn't disconnect the electrical or gas lines prior to driving the bulldozer over the home!  Fire crews were able to shut them off, and avoid disaster.

Everything they owned was still INSIDE the home at the time of the destruction. Rhein told a local TV station his wife has gotten over it, but she says she is "still in shock."

The fact that she is still with him indicates maybe the house really was in horrible shape, rumors are he plans to build her a new one.  Let's hope so!