Because a bullet went through the windshield then dashboard of the man's vehicle, by the time it hit him, it had slowed...possibly saving his life.

Pasco Man Shot in Face During Drive-By

Pasco Police continue the search for four suspects from a Saturday night shooting near the Maverik on Road 68 in Pasco.

According to officers, the 20-year-old male victim was driving his white Blazer SUV near Road 68 and Sandifur around 10:20PM, when four occupants in another vehicle began to yell at him.

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Police didn't say if the man knew who they were, but then two of them fired handguns at his car. One of the bullets went through the windshield, then the dash, before striking him in the cheek. Fortunately, the bullet had slowed enough that when it hit his face, it did not penetrate the cheekbone.

The man pulled into the Maverik Parking lot at Road 68 and called 9-1-1. Police believe the man was specifically targeted, this was not a road rage incident.

They also say there's no threat to the public and the search continues for the four persons in the shooter's vehicle. No other information was released by Police at this time.


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