Yakima police are searching for two suspects after they allegedly stole a man's car, then were chased by him. What happened next was right out of a movie.

Around 3am Monday morning, Yakima police got a report of two people fighting on South 18th. Street near the AM/PM Store.

Upon arrival police learned a man and his daughter had chased down a suspect who stole the man's car from outside his home in the East 1100 block of Viola Ave.

The man, driving a large Chevy Suburban SUV, chased down his own car and rammed it repeatedly to keep the suspect from driving away. The two began fighting after the victim confronted him, and the suspect shot him in the torso. His daughter, who was in the SUV, was not harmed. The man's injuries were not life-threatening.

Police are looking for two white male suspects, both short, one of them about 5'2". One was wearing a hoodie and blue jeans, the other a black shirt with a red design on the front. Yakima police continue the investigation.

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