The University of North Carolina in Charlotte confirmed one shooter was apprehended for killing two people and injuring four more Tuesday afternoon. They believe the person acted alone. One victim has been confirmed to be a male student. Three of the four wounded are in critical condition.

During a press conference Charlotte police said they encountered the suspect during their sweep of the buildings and disarmed, then apprehended the man. Police said the shooter was not previously "on their radar." Today was the last day of classes before final exams began. During the press conference it was implied all of the victims were in the same room and the shooter was apprehended in that space.

The campus was placed on lock down and students were encouraged to "Run, Hide, Fight" -- FEMA's advice for victims of an active shooter situation. The advice recommends people to run away from the situation if they can, hide if they cannot escape, and to fight as a last resort if they're safety is compromised.

Emergency responders cleared the campus building by building until students were released to meet at a rendezvous point to comfort one another and be picked up by family or friends.

No information has been given yet as to who the shooter was, their motive, or what weapons they used to harm the six people. The identification of the six is also unknown. The two deceased victims will likely be identified after their families are notified.

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