Welcome to "The Gorburger Show", a new late night TV show that has been added to the Midnight slot on Comedy Central. The show stars a large blue alien named Gorburger that has taken over a Japanese talk show and tries to figure out what it means to be human. There is excessive violence and themes through the entire show. Even the introduction shows Gorburger attacking people, ripping limbs off, squishing a head, and electrifying people.

The show was originally created for HBO but the pilot episode was never used and the series was sent to Funny Or Die as a web series for 19 episodes according to reports. Now popularity has given the show a spot on Comedy Central and the first two of eight episodes have aired. Multiple celebrities make appearances on the show like Jack Black, Larry King, Carson Daly, Henry Rollins, Flea, Wayne Coyne, Eagles of Death Metal, and Grouplove. Gorburger even enslaved famous musician Kenny G and makes him play jazz when he hits a button or he will kill him by dropping a cinder block on his head.

I personally have not laughed so hard at a show in a long time, but I would hate my kids to ever see it. As an adult man I thought it was so crazy and fresh that it is borderline genius, but as a dad I hated it.

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