When we heard the First Lady is releasing a rap or hip-hop album we thought Hell might freeze over. According to multiple sources, including the Daily Beast, Michelle Obama is curating or sponsoring an album aimed especially at inner-city youth. Reportedly, it will encourage them to participate in physical activity and eat better foods to battle obesity.

It's called "Songs for a Healthier America." It will feature tracks entitled U R What U Eat, Veggie Love, and Hip Hop FEET.

Even the Daily Beast says the artist list is kind of "embarrassing." Some of the artists Michelle has enlisted include Jordan Sparks, Ashanti and Run DMC.

While the First Lady appears in 10 of the videos that will accompany the album, she doesn't sing in any.

It is set to be released sometime in early September through the Partnership for A Healthier America, a non-profit group dedicated to promoting better living.