Gov. Inslee is taking fire from critics over vetoing a study that looked at what the costs would be to pursue climate change initiatives in Washington state.  Others are supporting him.

The Spokesman Review editorial board blasted the governor for canning the study, which examined how much taxpayer money would be spent over the next few years trying to fulfill the Energy Independence Act, which was passed a few years ago.

The act, say critics, is a 'carbon-copy' of the Obama Administration's attempts to utilize green energy to meet the needs of America.  Beginning with Solyndra - the failed solar panel and energy company - the results have been a disaster.

However, Inslee is still chasing this plan, even spending over a quarter-million dollars on a climate change consultant.    The study of the Energy Independence Act that was vetoed by Inslee spelled out the costs of the plan.   Some supporters including State Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, say the study did not reflect what the long-term savings would be from pursuing alternative energies.

Critics counter by claiming Inslee vetoed the study because it would have painted a similar picture to the failed Obama energy policy.  Nationally, and even regionally,  the promised return on green energy investments has not materialized.  Well over 120 green energy companies have gone bankrupt,  costing thousands of jobs. The cost to taxpayers has been in the hundreds of millions - if not billions - of dollars.

The Energy Independence Act was passed by legislators shortly after Obama's first term began, during the rush to green energy that has since fizzled.

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