More details have been released about the man fatally shot during a traffic stop on I-84 near The Dalles this week.

Thursday, Oregon State Patrol trooper Matthew Zistel, 26, was working traffic control speed enforcement when he stopped a car driven by 34-year-old John Van Allen III (pictured) who is from Pennsylvania and South Carolina -- but most recently was listed as living in Portland.

Allen was reportedly speeding, and there was an exchange of gunfire between him and Trooper Zistel during the stop.

Shortly after the traffic stop at around 12:52 p.m., Allen exited his vehicle and fired a handgun at the patrolman. In the exchange, Zistel was hit, but hit Allen in the chest.

Allen returned to his car and drove away, but a short distance later his vehicle drifted to the shoulder and stopped. He was pronounced dead at the scene from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Allen was accompanied in the car by three minor children, a 10-year-old girl and two boys aged 13 and 15, who are now in Child Protective Services custody.

Authorities say a number of rounds were fired by both Allen and Trooper Zistel, the exact number has not been released due to the ongoing investigation.

Trooper Zistel was treated for his wound and has been released from the hospital.


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