The Moses Lake School District continues to search for revenue sources to help shore up its finances following the failure of its operational levy earlier this year.

  School district to sell off 2 properties

 The Center Square is reporting the District discussed selling the properties. Earlier this year, the MLSD operational levy failed.

Then recently, a thorough look at the District's books revealed a $20 million dollar shortfall, which prompted the District to let go of 215 workers, the most recent cutback last month.

Now the District plans to sell a pair of properties, including an 89,000 square foot parcel Yonezawa Way and a half-acre parcel at 2nd St. NE and Wheeler Road.

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While the gains from these sales are not in the millions, it would help the District continue to chip away at its deficit. Using $9 million in grants and other funding they were able to make payroll, but officials say that's not a long-term option.

Grant County has indicated there's been some discussion with the MLSD about buying the Yonezawa lot but it has not  been finalized yet. According to The Center Square:

"MLSD will host a public hearing on July 25 to allow for comments on the potential sales. Following that, the district will have 45-days to award the sales after advertising the properties in the local newspaper."

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