A 21 year old Moses Lake woman was shot in the head from unidentified persons in a car that suddenly began tailgating them and then started shooting. The woman sustained minor injuries described as a graze to the head. Police originally got reports of two cars driving fast and gun shots near Lybbert Drive and then found a deserted and damaged Ford Crown Victoria on Paxson Drive but could not find the driver. Witnesses say they saw a man running from the car according to news reports.

Police then got reports that a 21 year old woman was at Samaritan Hospital with gun shot wounds. When they got to the hospital, they found an Oldsmobile Alero in the parking lot with the back window shot out. They found the driver of the Oldsmobile and she told the police that the Crown Victoria had suddenly started tailgating them and then started firing gun shots.

Police impounded both cars for evidence and state there is more information details about the case that can't be shared because of the investigation. If you have any information about this case call the Grant County Sheriff’s Office at 509-762-1160.

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