We all know police now wear medical gloves when processing evidence and often suspects, but we hadn't seen the 'human spit shield' until now.

Richland police posted this Jan. 1 image of a domestic disturbance suspect, and he's wearing one of the newer spit shields.

These fabric mesh devices are utilized when police believe the suspect is going to hawk a loogie and discharge in their direction. But other than the 'yuck' factor, it's also done for officers' safety.

You never know what illnesses or issues a suspect is going to have going on, and if they decide to spit on an officer, this will likely change their mind.

Somewhere dogs are laughing themselves silly. Move over pet collar, there's a human with a spit shield!

This suspect was taken into custody near the Greentree Apartments on suspicion of vehicle prowling, provoking assault and other charges on Jan. 1.

Richland police
Richland police

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