West Richland Police are trying to reunite a couch, some tools, and a small block V-8 engine (probably a 350) with their owners, after someone dropped them all over the road. The calls came in Thursday evening.

Police say somebody was hauling various items, and lost their couch just east of the intersection of Bombing Range Road and Van Giesen, plus some tools.

But the kicker? The engine fell out just prior and was left in the middle of the intersection itself. The person(s) had to be using some sort of trailer; it's not likely all that stuff would fall off even a large truck without you noticing. Same for a U-Haul. You'd feel the weight and movement as they fell out.

The WSDOT was able to sent a truck with a winch and move the engine to the side of the road. Witnesses were not able to provide any description of the vehicle, West Richland Police say if these are yours or you know who might own them, call (509)-628-0333. The stuff isn't going anywhere, at least not the engine block.

They're lucky some enterprizing person didn't swipe the motor. You can do a lot with a small block (presumably 350) V-8.  It appears to be painted orange, probably Chevy or GM.

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