The situation involving the discovery of a dead man buried in a barn near Gleed, WA off the Old Naches Highway continues to turn curious.

Authorities say 42-year-old Randy Shea Gardner is facing second degree assault and murder charges, but now he's also charged with intimidation of a witness.

Gardner, back on June 5, called authorities to report there was a body in his barn at 523 Old Naches Highway. He reportedly partially dug it up and Yakima County Sheriff's found it. He told them who he thought was responsible, but after numerous interviews during the investigation, he was charged.

Gardner was recently released from jail after serving time for a stabbing that occurred during a home invasion. Police did not say if he was the invader or if he stabbed a suspect.

Sources say Gardner reportedly told his mother last November about the body, but a search by law enforcement did not turn up anything. The victim, still unidentified, is said to be a man at least 30 years old who died from gunshot wounds to the legs and head.

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