Ellen Page stars in the new Netflix superhero drama based on the comic written and created by My Chemical Romance singer, Gerard Way.

Gerard Way co-created The Umbrella Academy published by Dark Horse Comics.

Dark Horse was started in 1986 by Mike Richardson in Milwaukie, Oregon.

The company created original characters like Hellboy, The Mask (as made iconic by Jim Carrey), and published Frank Miller's Sin City. The latter would be made into a big budget film starring Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke. They also published 300.

Dark Horse gained some momentum through the years and had exclusive rights to Star Wars comic books before Disney bought Lucasfilm, reverting the rights back to Marvel.

Much like Marvel and DC, Dark Horse is also an entertainment company. They are credited as producers of the new show on Netflix. The Umbrella Academy was created by Gerard Way in 2007.

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